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Posing Guide FOR COUPLES 


It's top of the list of wedding day don’t know how to pose, you feel awkward in front of the camera, you don’t want it to look cheesy and you don’t want it taking up a lot of your time.

When it comes to your wedding day portraits, I try to keep the session as short as possible. I know you probably won't want to be away from our guests for hours of the day, missing good times with your loved ones.

We will use what we have around us with the main focus being nice lighting and most importantly, both of you! All we really need is  about 30 minutes. 

I will give you some slight direction and most often what happens in between are the moments I’m going to capture that really bring out the natural emotion and connection between the two of you. These are the naturally beautiful moments I love to capture during your day. Gorgeous, intimate, real photos full of emotion.

When I’m taking your photos, physical touch creates a connection and makes for a more intimate photo. For couples, the more places the two are touching, the more intimate the image is.
We will aim to create at least two points of touch for couples. For example, I may ask you to hold hands & place your foreheads together, or ask a groom to kiss his bride on the forehead. This creates a more intimate pose than holding hands alone.
In couples poses, it’s also important to watch the distance between you. Poses where the individuals are distant from each other creates a distant look.
If we imagine a pose where the two of you are facing each other holding hands, for example, I find often couples will naturally stand a foot apart or so to avoid stepping on each other’s toes. However closing that gap, which you can do by staggering the feet, will create a more intimate pose.


Getting more relaxed poses is sometimes as simple as asking you to take a deep breath. Most people are nervous in front of the camera and a slow, deep breath can help calm some of those nerves. The action can also create more relaxed shoulders. I often ask my couples to snuggle in once they are in the pose.

Not knowing what to do with the hands is often why many people start out a portrait session a bit tense. It’s one of the most common questions that I get while taking portraits.
I’ll always offer some simple direction such suggesting where to place your hands which can go a long way to creating a relaxed pose. The feet (or rather, legs) are also important. Most subjects tend to stand with straight legs, which looks stiff and unnatural. Instead, add a bend for a more relaxed look.

You’ll probably feel a bit nervous & awkward at first but before you know it you’ll forget there's even a camera there and start to focus on each other. You will be really grateful for a bit of downtime together on the day to cuddle, chat, laugh and having some time to take each other in. Literally every couple I've worked with has had the same hang ups and all worry how they will look in their pictures. Just relax, stop worrying how your hair looks, trust me to give you a small amount of guidance and it will all be fine. Promise! So get in close, hug it out, have a smooch & look all gooey eyed at each other!

You will probably cringe and be worried that you look silly at the time but you’ll be left with some beautiful natural photos of you both together. After the initial nerves of getting in front of the camera fade away,  you will LOVE spending this time together having your photo taken. You won't worry about double chins from laughing or seeing a few more wrinkles  than you like when you get your pictures back as they will really mean so much to you. 

Please get in touch if you want to find out more about booking my wedding photography services. 

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