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What to expect from your Engagement Shoot!

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

Engagement shoots are the best way for us to get acquainted with each other. I would always recommend adding this to your photography package as it can be a great way to get any nerves out of the way and you get to see what you can expect on your wedding day. We will basically just hang out taking pictures in a relaxed and informal fun way. You also get some gorgeous pictures as a couple together.

London is a fabulous city to do this in however it doesn't have to be london, I'm more than happy if you have a location that's special to you or if you prefer to be surrounded by nature.

I try and take photographs that truly represent who you truly are as a couple. I will guide you through our session so you don't have to worry about a thing and can just be yourselves while I capture your jokes, cuddles and connection. I don't do formal cheesy posing however I will offer you as much guidance and little cues as you would like in order to feel comfortable in front of the camera.

Best time of day for the shoot

Early morning or late afternoon are the best time for a London engagement shoot. The streets can get very crowded and these times of day are the quietest. Also often the best light is in the early morning and late afternoon. Wherever we decide to have the shoot, golden hour sunshine in the late afternoon is the most beautiful light to work with.

What to wear

Wear something that makes you feel awesome and comfortable. I don't like to dictate what my couples should wear as I like to embrace individualism and capture your personalities. However if you'd like to know what colours look best in photos I would advise to avoid bright, garish and primary colours. My photos have natural tones and therefore clothes with a natural tone do work best. Maybe its the mum in me talking but comfortable shoes are advisable as there is usually some degree of walking form one location to the next so your feet might thank me.

What to avoid

I would advise that you bring the bare minimum with you and avoid big heavy bags if at all possible. Bags don't look great in photos I want you to be relaxed and not worried about leaving your valuables on the floor. It's best if you can be easily mobile and light on your feet so wherever possible carry with you the bare minimum.

What happens if it rains on the day of our shoot

It's hard to predict the good old British weather even with weather apps. Mostly when it rains it stops again within a ten minutes or so. If this happens its often best to just embrace the weather and go with the flow, a bit of rain can even look amazing in pictures. But in case we get caught up in some heavy rain we can always take cover and grab a coffee for half an hour. Otherwise I'm happy to move the time or day of the shoot depending on my schedule.

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