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6 Common Wedding Day Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

Updated: Jul 3, 2020

When you’re planning your wedding, you want the big day to be absolutely perfect. Here are some of the most common mistakes couples make on their wedding day. The good news is that these mistakes are all really easy to avoid and with these tips your wedding day will run as smoothly as you hope.

1. Running out of time as you’re getting ready

unfortunately this happens far too often. One minute, you’re enjoying a glass of bubbles with your bridesmaids, the next you’re panicking because it’s time to leave. “Speak to your hair and makeup team about how much time they need and ask them to give you a detailed timeline of their plans. That way, if you feel the timings are tight, you can talk it through in advance of the day. Often hair and makeup artists factor in additional time but it’s always worth knowing that beforehand. Ideally you want to be in your wedding dress thirty minutes before you are due to leave so you can avoid arriving all flustered and hopefully have time for a couple of quick bridal portrait pictures of you looking your most perfect. Then there may even be time for a glass of fizz with your bridesmaids and to allow yourself the time to take in the emotions of this very special part of the day where suddenly everything becomes so real.

2. Not eating before the Ceremony

It’s super important that you remember to eat before your ceremony. Ask one of your nearest and dearest to oversee food in advance of the ceremony. It doesn’t need to be fancy – A selection of Danish pastries and fruit makes a perfect wedding morning breakfast. Some sandwiches or even just little snacks will make sure that you eat before the main event.

It’s likely that the drinks reception after the ceremony will fly by as you’ll be busy chatting to guests and working with your photographer. So, ask your catering team to arrange a tray of canapés or food just for you to keep you going until the wedding breakfast.”

3. Not getting enough time with your partner

This is the most important wedding day mistake to avoid because this is your day! The day will whizz by in a flash but try to steal a little time together after the ceremony in a private area or room while your guests grab a drink or sneak off after the wedding breakfast and speeches to take a walk in the grounds. A few minutes together to chat will make all the difference.”

4. Missing out on photos that you really wanted

Your wedding might be the first time you’ve had all your uni friends together in one place for years or family from around the world might be arriving. This all needs to be captured so prepare in advance. Talk to your photographer and plan photographs that you want from the day. Give them this info in plenty of time and ask the ushers and bridesmaids to be on hand to help round people up because this can save so much time. It’s best to get as many of the photos done as early in the day as you can before everyone has had a drink and doesn’t feel like having their photos taken. You will end up really regretting if you don’t get some all the lovely photos of you with your nearest and dearest on your special day.

5. Not managing to speak to all your guests

A wedding day often goes by in a flash and it’s only when people have already gone home you realise that you didn’t get a proper chance to speak to them. Why not extend your celebrations to include something the night before or on the following day? By adding a BBQ or even a walk followed by a trip to the local pub, you’ll have so much more time together and tis should allow you more quality time with all of your guests. If this isn’t possible then try to set aside 45 mins or so where you try and get around to speak to each group of family and friends in attendance.

6. Forgetting to say thank you

The speeches are a special moment in the day and can be be funny, emotional & heart-warming but they should always include thank you’s to all the people who’ve helped you. Missing someone out is the wedding mistake that won’t be forgotten quickly! Ensure that you don’t forget anyone by making a list of all the people you want to thank in advance and get someone else to check it! Bring a few copies of the speech with you and hand one to a responsible guest just in case your own copy goes missing.


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